Jacqui Miyabayashi Consulting

Have the fulfilling life you always dreamed of

I'm Jacqui Miyabayashi, a business and marketing consultant in Osaka. Women come to me overwhelmed and confused by all that is involved in running a small business.

I help you find your feet again.

Let me show you a new perspective on how to start, expand and absolutely love your business and your amazing one of a kind life.

Services offered:

- community

- personal mentoring

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How to create your one of a kind life

Here's a little secret - your life is already one of a kind! You're amazing. There is nobody quite like you!

The philosophy here is simple. We run our businesses authentically in a way that is aligned with our personal values and we always have fun.

Everything is viewed through a marketing lens. Being of service to our customers is a top priority. Everyday we ask ourselves "How can I do this better?"

It all starts with our amazing community, One of a Kind Women.

I’d love to invite you to join. One of a Kind Women Community and Inner Circle. Let me take you under my wing.

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"Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light."

Helen Keller


One of a Kind Women Community



Whatever your circumstances and how you came to be in them, if you are an expat or a global citizen of some sort, then you are in good company here.

The phrase 'One of a Kind' came to me after talking to women from all over the world about their hopes and dreams for a better life. It dawned on me that we are all unique. When you add a small business into the mix it becomes even more one of a kind.


The type of business you have doesn't matter here in the One of a Kind world. Yours might be big or a hobby business but mostly we're small biz owners.

We're all simply trying to lead more meaningful lives, with purpose to our days. We are trying to be good role models to our kids. We want to be there for our families. We want to make an impact and leave the world a better place. 



I am passionate about seeing women achieve their dreams to live more fulfilling lives. Just a few minutes with me is all it takes to be uplifted and excited about all of the possibilities. I will give you a strategy, an action point or food for thought.

You'll love my calm and matter of fact manner and you will leave any session feeling reassured and determined that you can DO THIS. 


I provide support to women through a private community I founded called One of a Kind Women. 

I'm one of the few English-speaking, female, business & marketing consultants working in the small business space in Japan. You don't want to miss out!


Join the One of a Kind Women Community today

Our members know that they are never alone. The hard decisions don't need to be hard. The fun times are celebrated with others who really care about our success. 

Need to learn how to do something? Our process is adaptive to the needs of our community. We might run a one-day workshop or schedule a webinar. Coffee dates, retreats and girl's weekends? Yes! 

Whether you are just starting out or you are further along on your entrepreneurial journey you will get a lot of value from joining this community. 

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One of a Kind Women is perfect for you.




The One of a Kind Women community is a web-based network with our own downloadable app. Get notifications, post messages or questions, chat with others from your phone, device or computer. In theory, we are operational 24/7 so help is never far away! (I myself try to keep business hours, Japan Standard Time, with weekends off)




Our community has been together for about 18 months having started as a Facebook group. It is led by expat-entrepreneur Jacqui Miyabayashi. You can tag me or chat directly with me anytime through the network.

You'll also find that I am not the only expert in the group - we all are, including you. We encourage everyone to voice their opinions and share their experiences. 



What's working? What's not working? The business terrain is ever-changing and honestly it's hard to keep up. Having a group of people who are out in the trenches just like you are is invaluable for learning what to try or not to try. 

FYI, you'll also hear what Jacqui is up to and the reasons behind my decisions. Complete transparency is a goal and you will not find this honesty anywhere else online.

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