You started with a seed of an idea. The first few steps made sense and were not so hard. But at some point it became complicated.

The more you learn about being in business, the more options appear.

The more advice you receive, the more overwhelmed you feel.

It can be a confusing time and honestly, it's when a lot of people give up.

I help you get through this tricky phase.


The Create Your One of a Kind Life Workshop is part of my signature mentoring program where I take business owners just like you through the stages of developing a beautiful business. The business becomes not only fun to run but it will be more fulfilling and meaningful in ways that matter to you. 

Most small businesses fail (as many as 80%) because of lack of management experience and poor decision-making. I have identified the leading cause for failure as burnout. It's very hard to balance life, our responsibilities and trying to build a business, unless you have help.

That's where this workshop comes in. We'll work directly alongside each other to identify the critical areas in your business that need the most attention. We'll troubleshoot what's not working. You'll be given the permission that you need to stop doing the things that drain you. You'll only focus your limited time and attention on the things that have the highest impact. That will feel good.

In this workshop you’ll be putting on your CEO hat for the day rather than your employee cap. As CEO of your business you will be required to make global decisions about the vision and mission for your business. I’ll be your advisor, gently guiding you, supporting you and holding you accountable to the things you want to achieve.


* there are no workshops scheduled currently - check back in autumn or contact me to set one up for your small group

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